How to Elevate Your Home Décor with Plants and Flowers

How to Elevate Your Home Décor with Plants and Flowers

Houseplants have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere thanks to their natural air purifying health benefits, not to mention their instant effect on the mood and feel of your personal space. So why not use lush plants and colorful flowers to make your home even more vibrant?

Reflect on your space’s size, layout and decoration

While it may be tempting to buy a bunch of plants without any thought as to where they might go, it’s best to look around your home and decide first on how big your plants should be. Do you have room for something large or would it be better to opt for small, easy-to-care-for plants? Do you prefer a consistent theme throughout your interior design or a contrasting display of plants and flowers?

Consider placement

There are many locations around the house where placing a plant or flower arrangement can invite fresh energy:

  • Entryway - Greet visitors with an exquisite statement piece that reflects the style and ambience of your home, be it a single houseplant or an eye-catching flower arrangement that elevates the décor and creates a lasting first impression.
  • Shelves - Plant shelves are all the rage now, and for good reason. They come in infinite styles, colors and sizes and create the perfect backdrop for displaying your collection of small-potted plants like cacti, succulents, ferns and more.
  • Corners - If you have a bare-looking corner, add a pop of color with large plants like indoor dragon trees and coconut palms. Place them in big pots that don’t block the way but still allow the plant to grow nice and tall.
  • Walls - Think of plants, especially the hanging variety, as artworks that jazz up a plain wall with their green hues and stylish pots.

On a similar note, stay mindful of plants and flowers like Lily of the Valley, Wisteria, Daffodil and Hydrangea, which are harmful to children and pets if mistakenly ingested. Such pots should be kept well out of reach for safety.

Switch up with the seasons

Nature gifts us with an abundance of plants and flowers that change as the year goes by. This natural cycle is the perfect chance for you to refresh your décor and renew your interior design vibe based on the season.

Let your own personal touch shine. With interior plant scaping, the choices for adding life and beauty to your home are boundless.

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