The Symbolism of Flowers

The Symbolism of Flowers

Flowers are a subtle form of expression that has stood the test of time, with people gifting them to those they care for to convey emotions or placing them in their homes to invite positive energy into their personal spaces.

Throughout history, with their infinite varieties, flowers became associated with various meanings, each symbolizing a different sentiment and evoking a unique sense of allure. 

Today, we present to you the secret language of some of the most common flowers requested here at Alissar and the feelings they envelop within their delicate petals and vibrant colors:

Roses - red for romance, love and beauty; yellow for friendship and new beginnings; orange for fascination and sensuality; pink for gratitude, appreciation and sympathy; and white for innocence, purity and reverence.

Tulips - red for everlasting love; yellow for cheerful thoughts; pink for happiness and confidence; purple for royalty; and white for forgiveness.

Orchids - red for love and desire; yellow for optimism, energy and fresh starts; pink for joy, grace and fertility; blue for rarity, uniqueness and beauty; purple for dignity, respect and admiration; orange for creativity, success and excitement; green for longevity, health, good fortune and blessings; and white for purity, humility and elegance.

Peonies - red for love, passion, honor and respect; pink for good luck and prosperity; and white for bashfulness and apology.  

No matter their variety or color, flowers make for a timeless gesture for sharing heartfelt feelings with loved ones and are the perfect way to brighten up your home or office - regardless of the day or the occasion.